Tony S

This tour has all the great advantages of riding a segue through a city, and is worth doing even if that’s all you really want. But, the guides make it a point to use their time with this captive audience to dispense interesting facts about Minneapolis. If you find that not interesting, you can just enjoy the ride and the views.

We’ve done this in other cities, so I feel comfortable saying that this company runs a very well-organized tour with a focus on safety. There were at least four guides on our tour, and they were strategically located to make sure we could safely cross the major streets, and to point out potentially dangerous obstacles along our way. The tour is preceded by a video presentation about riding a segue, followed by hands-on instruction in a safe area. Within ten minutes, we were on our way. Excellent tour.


Arrived a gray cloudy Tuesday morning. 2 People booked, but my friend had fallen ill. It turned out that nobody else had booked, but Michael was OK with taking just me on the tour. SUPER SERVICE, and Michael turned out to be very knowledgeable and a very pleasant person. I was so impressed

Business Owner

I have lived in the Twin Cities my entire life (60+) and over half the historical info I had never heard before. Guides were knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. Segway training was complete (reassuring to my wife who was a little hesitant about that part of the experience) and a ton of fun to ride on.I recommend this highly for both visitors and long time residents

Hotel Owner

Great way to see downtown Minneapolis! This is an absolutely great way to see downtown Minneapolis and learn about its history. Especially all of the history related to the Mississippi River. It’s fun the segues are easy to operate even for people in their 50s!

Hotel Investor

it was my first time to use segway ,,, i like it a lot ,,, i enjoyed it ,,,the instructors are so nice ,,, bith of the girl and boy (sorry i forgot names) ,,,, they give you chance to look around the city center and by the end there are restaurants near ,,if you wanna have brunch or dinner

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